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The American University of Sharjah, Sharjah, UAE

March 23-24, 2011

Poster Content : Posters may contain topics that report undergraduate/graduate research project findings,

senior project results, creative art/science work, or proposed ideas and solutions to sustainable development problems. The poster topics must be related to one or more of the conference themes listed below:

  • Environmental Prudence
  • Economic Transparency
  • Social Justice
  • Sustainable Design, Construction and the Built Environment
  • Infrastructure Management
  • Sustainable Technology
  • Culture and Heritage
  • Life Cycle Costing
  • Urban Communities
  • Water Resources and The future of Humanity
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Sustainable Manufacturing
  • Sustainable Planning and Multinationals Involvement
  • Sustainable Land Development
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Wildlife Conservation
  • Local and Sustainable Food Sources
  • Sustainable Supply Chain
  • Business Sustainability and CSR
  • Sustainable Transportation and Infrastructure solutions.


Poster Format

Your poster is required to fit the specifications outlined below:

  • Size: A1 (594 mm x 841 mm - 23.4 in x 33.1 in)
  • Poster Materials: the poster can be made from paper or cardboard and best laminated.
  • Poster Text: There are no specifications for text/font size. Text should be of sufficient size for easy reading at a distance of 1.5 meters (between 16-20 points).
  • Title: Your title sign should be at the top of the poster and it must include the presenter(s) name(s).
  • Body of Poster: Use arrows, numbers or letters as required indicating the reading order. Use clear labels for each section of your poster.
  • Font: Use lettering that can be read from 1.5 meters away eg. Arial, bold font.


March 1st 2011: Digital copy of the poster is due (to be e-mailed to

March 8th 2011: Poster Printout is due (to be handed in or mailed to: Salwa Mohamed, College of

Engineering, American University of Sharjah, UAE).


First Place Winner:               1000 AED

Second Place Winner:           500 AED

Third Place Winner:             250 AED




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